How to Program Your Healy Resonance (Blue App)

This 14 minute instructional video is an edited clip from a Zoom webinar that I gave on Monday, 12/28/20 (18,000+ views) to a large Healy Facebook group. The information and applications presented herein are biohacking advancements based on earlier video presentations by Healy Director Max Gloeckner and TimeWaver’s Michael Danz.

3/19/21 Update: Healy has just increased the Healy Resonance Client Scan and Aura Record Scan duration from 3 seconds to 10 seconds. Now we’ve got a longer time to have our Healy Resonances record/capture the frequency information of affirmations/intentions, clients, objects, sounds, substances, and more.

Because several people have copied the information from my original webinar without acknowledging our research and got a number of steps and ideas, in our opinion (my homeopathic doctor wife Dr. Misty and myself), incorrect we decided to make our original information available here.

Even though I referenced in this video that you could try capturing the frequency information from the sound coming from a YouTube video we want to emphasize that we don’t use that technique for the blue app Frequency Specific Vibrations (FSV) programs offered at this website.

We recognized that there was a need to offer easily accessible, affordable, high quality remote vibration programs as an alternative to YouTube videos whose sound frequency integrity may have been compromised, compacted, or distorted in uploading, or that might contain undesirable subliminal messaging or advertising.

Also, in order to affect a quality improvement in a desired state via vibrational information field input you need to transfer a composite group of synergistic, resonant, bioenergetic frequency information, like the Healy’s standard pink and blue app programs do, on many information field levels. One frequency tone or one YouTube video sound is rarely effective.

We all know that to achieve and maintain optimal health we should be careful of the quality of nutrition we ingest. So too, we should be very careful of the quality of vibrational information we transfer into our information field.

Frequency Specific Vibrations