Vibrations First

By John Scevola

Before you run the highest % Healy pink dot app 🔴 “microcurrent” program, that has been recommended by your Healy Resonance blue dot app 🔵 scan, it is very beneficial bioenergetically to vibrate that top 5 scan result group for approximately 2m 49s 600z to 5m 59s.

These Healy Resonance blue app vibrations, via the quantum sensor and quantum entanglement, inspirationally affect your information field instantly regardless of distance or obstacles. This vibrational transference of frequency information is akin to warming up and stretching before physically exercising. You are reminding your cells what their optimal state of being looks, feels, and sounds like.

Through an amazing natural process called “entrainment” our cells begin to harmonize with this optimal vibrational frequency information, and especially with subsequent microcurrent frequencies (Electrode wrist straps, electrode adhesive pads, or Healy Coil).

Through rejuvenating frequency information entrainment our cells begin to clear, balance, recharge, and heal themselves.

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Frequency Specific Vibrations