“I need to share this incredible experience. My fight or flight has been in stuck position for years. Stressed but not really noticing it. Probably because it was a natural thing. Couldn’t sleep. High blood pressure.

Well I got the Vagus nerve program from John Scevola awhile back. The other day a situation came up with the IRS. Total stress out time. Well at least it should have been. Being the Vagus Nerve controls the fight or flight. I noticed that as soon as the stress switch turning on. Within seconds it’s like the switch was turned off. I could literally feel it. OMG. IT WAS THE BEST EXPERIENCE. I WILL NEVER FORGET THAT. My blood pressure has been stable wher I only need to take it once a week now instead of daily. SOOPER DOOPER KEWL

If you have any stress problems. I think you should try this program.”


Thank you.💜 for sharing. John Scevola is one of a kind.

— M.K.

“Yes he is. We are very fortunate to know him. I’m blessed to have the results I did with this one program. It’s defiantly life changing for me.”


“I’ve been using various programs to help me sleep. I was getting a little concerned since they affected my blood pressure. I am so grateful for John Scevola’s programs. They not only have worked so well that I have been sleeping all night, but I haven’t had to take my high blood pressure pills in a week. I feel normal again, not like my body is wound up in a tight ball.”


“I purchased some Quantum Vibrations Bundles about 6 weeks ago. I love, love, love them!”

—J.A. (Australia)

“I am so grateful for your website and information as well in Facebook. I used your instruction about Quantum Book Vibrations for my son’s exam and I am sure it was a great support for him. Today someone in the German “Healy Deutschland” Facebook page wrote about worries because of upcoming exams, so I told him about your work and I received so many requests about how to do it etc. and I hope many people have found your site as well now through this today.

—J. (Switzerland)

“John Scevola is AMAZING!!!!! I have just recently purchased several Quantum Vibration Bundles and a customized one. He is very efficient, patient and wonderful to work with. They are so reasonably priced also. I wouldn’t purchase them from anyone else. I am so excited to start usng them on myself and my patients. Thank you John for sharing your gift 🙂🙏😇❤”

—Dr. V.R. (Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine in California)

“I’ve bought several of John Scevola’s Frequency Specific Vibrations (FSV) programs and Quantum Vibration Bundles. The ‘Fountain of Youth’ Bundle is one of them. I immediately felt ‘something’ happening when I first vibrated the frequencies which made me feel happy about my purchase already. And, only a few days later, I noticed that my facial skin felt as soft as the skin of a baby. Today even my husband told me that my facial skin looked so tight and fresh. So I definitely see improvement there and am curious to see what will happen in the coming weeks.

I also bought the single ‘Feng Shui Harmonizer’ FSV and I’ve set it up, not for myself, but for our house. The day after the first session out of the blue my husband finally shredded some 9 year old negative paperwork stuff and started felling a shrub in our small front yard. He even told me some plans for a garden design renewal he had in mind.

It’s amazingly easy to record the vibrations into the Healy HealAdvisor Analyze app (blue dot app). I’m totally in love with this wonderful new way to expand my Healy frequency library. Thanks, John!”

—D.E. (Netherlands)

“Thank you John Scevola! I am thrilled with the Frequency Specific Vibrations programs I purchased from you and you have wonderful customer service as well. Resonance Healy people, John is great!!!”

—L.M. (Massachusetts)

“I generally don’t have the energy to write feedbacks but I thought you’d want to know…

I have an online friend I’ve never met in person but have gotten close to over the years. She is an American living in Europe for her husband’s work and has been experiencing domestic violence. I often do aura scans for her and send the Healy’s recommended vibrations which she seems to respond well to – even more so than I.

After a recent assault from her husband (he also took their passports), I sent her ONE 6 minute session of the ‘Eye of the Tiger’ Quantum Vibration Bundle to her, her 2 sons, and her home. She felt amazing right away and her boys were doing great! Her toddler was empowered enough to ask big brother for what he needed. Although I didn’t include the husband in the balance, he read a chapter from his relationship book and realized he needed to let her go and will be letting them return to the US to start their life over without him. He also said he’d consider getting energy work done – this is a HUGE shift for her narcissistic abuser!

Though I don’t seem to have as big gains as her, I have noticed slight shifts and do feel tremendous hope! THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH. ♡”

—D.M. (Australia)

Omg!!! Thank you sooo very much!!! Will you please do more trainings for all of us!!! What a great resource. -LF

Thank you so much John for sharing all of this with us! It really does change how I see the Healy and I can see the possibilities are endless. So excited! -MS

Wow – your presentation was FANTASTIC John! You have given us some incredibly helpful (and exciting!) information here and you explain it in such a simple clear format. THANK YOU SO MUCH for sharing this with us all out of the goodness of your heart. -SS

This is such a great presentation, John Scevola! I really appreciate your informative, friendly, clear teaching style- I got a lot out of it and look forward to learning more from you! -RRC

So very grateful for this John. Such an easy way to learn and utilise the HEALY. Much appreciated. -JD

Thank very much. This is really Healy next level! -SL

Many thanks for a brilliant presentation, I can’t wait to get recording. -SD

John you are amazing! I just learned of your program a few hours ago, took hours to go thru it stopping to take notes of all. I am so grateful. I love that you write how grateful you are! I begin everything with “Dear Universe, I am so very grateful for…” And I love that you picked the frequency of Love-528! My reluctance to buy the Healy was that I could not program in my own Homeopathic remedy frequencies (41 years practicing) and my own combos of Rife frequencies (12 yrs practicing & 3 Rife machines). Thank goodness I trusted and bought 2 Healys for now you’re giving me access to my precious vibrations. -LG


Very grateful to you for gifting this to us, thank you from Australia. -SC

Absolutely amazing! Thank you so much John! I have felt quite unsure with using Resonance but this gives me confidence to try what I had no idea it was capable of. Much gratitude to you. – LW

This is so valuable Had no idea Thank you. -TV

John, thank you! Absolute wonderful presentation. Very informative and helpful. I am looking forward to creating my own. LF

Brilliant thank you so so much! Look forward to learning more from you. -HD

I watched it today. Absolutely a great presentation. I learned so much from it. -SOA

Thank you, thank you, thank you. Excellent and super helpful. I appreciate you taking the time to do this and sharing it with us. I see it as a wonderful and very useful gift. -APG

Thank you, John. Very informative. Appreciate all your knowledge. -CL

Love this John! Thank You so Much! -HD

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