Terahertz Water

Terahertz Water FAQ

How do I charge/blow/wand my water?

You can charge your water from above or through the side of your glass container (not metal).

How long do I charge my water?

30-60 seconds for a glass of water. 2-5 minutes for a 1 gallon container. You can’t overcharge it.

Can I charge in a plastic container?

If that’s all you have. Glass is highly recommended instead of plastic.

Can I drink cool or cold charged water?

Yes, but warm water is preferred to prolong your internally boosted metabolism and self-healing.

How long will my water’s charge last?

Generally 24 hours.

Do I need to use distilled water?

No. Use the cleanest water you can.

Can I charge other types of beverages?

Yes (i.e. juice, shake, smoothie, tea, soup, etc.). Charging a carbonated beverage is not recommended.

Can I transfer my charged water to a stainless steel container?


Can I mist my face with charged water to help with anti-aging or skin issues?


Is there a limit to how much Terahertz water I can drink?

Generally no, however everyone is different so you should cautiously experiment.

Can I serve Terahertz water to my pets?


Can I supply Terahertz water to my plants?


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