Follow-up Email

Send a copy of this letter or something similar to your
customer as soon as you finish processing their order

Hello [Your customer’s name],

Congratulations, your iTera-Classic order has been placed with the [enter stockist] iTeraCare Stockist (Fulfillment Center).. You will receive tracking information from the stockist when they are ready to ship to you. Your shipping expectation is [enter expectation].

Your confirmed iNetwork/iTeraCare username is [USERNAME]

You can access your iNetwork/iTeraCare back office at

Your temporary password is 123456 and security password is 1111

Please go to your back office and (1) change your passwords, and (2) after you receive your iTera-Classic go to the Navigate page and click on Device Warranty, then enter and submit your serial #.

NOTE: The iNetwork/iTeraCare back office is closed every day for maintenance at approximately 9am to 10:30am PST.

You can now access our exclusive, passworded Team iTeraCare Resource site at
Password = THz123!

Please DO NOT share the password above with anyone other than those who you personally sponsor. Your cooperation will help us to preserve this website’s unique team sponsoring value, team community testimonial privacy, and security from uninvited prying eyes. Your personal testimonials, “non-medical” questions, and site suggestions are welcome.

Energetic cheers,

[Your name]

Independent iTeraCare Distributor

[Your contact information]

Team iTeraCare Resources