Resistance is Futile!

By John Scevola

Are your cells resisting improvement from your Healy programs?

In the first ten minutes of most Healy pink dot app Individualized Microcurrent Frequency (IMF) programs your Healy cycles through a number of different frequencies to warm your cells up to the coming program and to determine your highest priority frequency needs. This is kind of like stretching before exercising and simultaneously going through a very intuitive doctor’s physical exam.

After about 10 minutes your Healy begins alternating the transference of just the top frequencies that it has analyzed that you need right now. It modulates these frequencies every 10 seconds. A percentage also now appears below the circles on your smartphone or tablet. This percentage indicates your cellular health status (-100% to +100%) for each frequency.

When running Healy Individualized Microcurrent Frequency programs (with electrodes or Coil) the reason this percentage often fluctuates from positive to negative to positive, is reflective of the condition of your body’s cellular health, neurotransmitters, hydration, energetic blockages (i.e. chakras, meridians, etc.), and especially cellular inertia/laziness/resistance to change.

Well, with the Healy, cell resistance is futile. With regular Healy use your cell’s can be bioenergetically inspired through entrainment (natural syncing with the healthy frequency) to accept improvement, raise their level of electrical charge and maintain it, and actually start enjoying the optimizing process of energy exercise.

Holistic balance can often be restored by providing the most harmonically resonant frequencies and entraining your cellular frequency oscillations back to coherence. In some cases an imbalanced bioenergetic component is restored by introducing a signal that cancels a discordant pathological frequency that is disturbing the body and/or information field.

With the consistent application of rejuvenating Healy pink dot app Individualized Microcurrent Frequency programs, and blue dot app vibration tuning programs, your cellular health percentages will start showing more and more consistent positive numbers until eventually your cells are storing and communicating energy at optimal levels. That’s called homeostasis.

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