Rejuvenation Vortex
Quantum Vibration Bundle

“The only way we can change our lives is to change our energy — to change the electromagnetic field we are constantly broadcasting. In other words, to change how we think and how we feel. Nobody changes until they change their energy. If you change your energy, you change your life. It is scientifically proven that the body can heal by thought alone.”
—Dr. Joe Dispenza

“Everything is in motion. Everything flows. Everything is vibrating.

As a holistic being you shatter the illusion of your separateness and reveal your connection to everything. This empowers you in a way that the ego-driven self could never contemplate.

When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change. I am realistic — I expect miracles.”
—Dr. Wayne Dyer

“I have discovered that the Healy Resonance device is a digital Law of Attraction machine! Your Healy Resonance can be programmed to automate the ordinarily tedious affirmation repetition necessary to reprogram and optimize your information field and subconscious. This can accelerate the manifestation of your new desired state(s).”
—John Scevola

“Rejuvenation Vortex Support operates on the belief that all of life is one. In today’s society, we have lost that awareness and everything has become one of separation. The intent of Rejuvenation Vortex Support is to release this conditioning of separation on every level it is found, returning the person to emotional balance and energetic strength, so that health prevails.

Rejuvenation Vortex Support channels the divine energy of the Universe to purify and balance the body and mind. It is a holistic method of cleansing negative, harmful energies and substances from the body and mind. It supports the reestablishing of one’s connection and alignment with the Universal energy.”


Includes 610 Frequency Specific Vibrations (FSV)

Bundled all together in “one file” for ease-of-use and discount

Brain Rejuvenation 50 FSV Support
Chakras Rejuvenation 50 FSV Support
Circulation Rejuvenation 50 FSV Support
Detox & Elimination Rejuvenation 100 FSV Support
Energy & Vitality Rejuvenation 50 FSV Support
Inflammation Rejuvenation 50 FSV Support
Meridians Rejuvenation 50 FSV Support
Parasites Elimination Rejuvenation 100 FSV Support
Solfeggio Rejuvenation 10 FSV Support
Spinal Network Rejuvenation 50 FSV Support
Spirituality Rejuvenation 50 FSV Support

Step-by-step Instruction eBook

Rejuvenation Vortex Bundle @ $60.00 USD ($250.00 Value)


Purchase any two (2) QUANTUM VIBRATION BUNDLES (QVB) and get one (1) FREE QVB ($60.00 USD Value). Just Contact Us with your free bonus QVB choice(s). Enjoy!

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