Immunity Shield
Quantum Vibration Bundle

“From the time you wake up and get out of bed, everything you do is creating an energy field around you. Keep it high frequency and remain mindful of the energy you are creating. Nourish your energy field daily.”
—Lalah Delia
“In a few decades scientists have gone from a conviction that there is no such thing as an energy field around the human body, to an absolute certainty that it exists. Moreover, science is explaining the roles of energy in health and disease…”
—James Oschman, PhD

“I have discovered that the Healy Resonance device is a digital Law of Attraction machine! Your Healy Resonance can be programmed to automate the ordinarily tedious affirmation repetition necessary to reprogram and optimize your information field and subconscious. This can accelerate the manifestation of your new desired state(s).”
—John Scevola




Includes 450 Frequency Specific Vibrations (FSV)

Bundled all together in “one file” for ease-of-use and discount


Immunity Bioenergetic Booster 100 FSV Support
Immunity Carb Burner 50 FSV Support
Immunity Lungs 50 FSV Support
Immunity Minerals 50 FSV Support
Immunity Sleep 50 FSV Support
Immunity Stress 50 FSV Support
Immunity Vitamins 50 FSV Support

Step-by-step Instruction eBook

Includes “Separate” Vaccine Recovery 50 FSV Support

Immunity Shield Bundle @ $60.00 USD ($180.00 USD Value)


Purchase any two (2) QUANTUM VIBRATION BUNDLES (QVB) and get one (1) FREE QVB ($60.00 USD Value). Just Contact Us with your free bonus QVB choice(s). Enjoy!

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Frequency Specific Vibrations