Healy and iTeraCare
Terahertz Therapy Device

You can use your Healy HealAdvisor Analyse Resonance Module App (blue dot app) to record your iTeraCare Therapy Device’s extraordinary Terahertz (THz) and Quantum Scalar wave frequency information for remote quantum vibration transmission, to yourself, or a client. Use the easy programming technique outlined in my FREE instruction eBook (download at www.FrequencySpecificVibrations.com).

Simply place your Healy Resonance in front of your iTeraCare’s nozzle (WITH THE HEAT TOGGLED OFF) and, in ten seconds, record the powerful Terahertz (millions of vibrations of the “most optimal” bioenergetic frequencies) and Scalar energy wave information.

After saving this program to your Healy Resonance’s list you can use it universally to profoundly boost (accelerate manifestation of) any DESIRED STATE you want instantly into your information field via Quantum Entanglement. Then, just edit the DESIRED STATE (stated in present tense, as if it already exists) each time you want to vibrate it, or create multiple different DESIRED STATE programs.

This technique’s astonishing effectiveness supersedes all of the many Frequency Specific Vibration (FSV) programs we have created and enjoyed over the last couple of years. I also highly recommend vibrating/resonating this program via your Healy Resonance while applying your iTeraCare’s relief and rejuvenation Terahertz and Scalar waves physically.

Don’t forget to drink iTeraCare Terahertz Linear Structured water before and after Healy and/or iTeraCare sessions. The $350.00 iTeraCare Classic can easily create linear structured water in 30-120 seconds (The only competitive Terahertz Water device on the market costs $1,200.00 and doesn’t also infuse Scalar Energy Wave information).

iTeraCare Terahertz Therapy Device information at www.TerahertzTherapyDevice.com

Frequency Specific Vibrations