Got/Had Stress?

By John Scevola

The awesome new “Creative Homeopathy – Psyche” 🔵 blue app program adds an additional 348 homeopathic remedy frequency vibrations to the Healy cloud database. These are a special homeopathic method for the treatment of stress and the underlying causes. This is a program developed by the internationally known German homeopathic practitioner Antonie Peppler.

Until some other recommendation is issued by Healy my homeopathic doctor wife Dr. Misty recommends scanning the Creative Homeopathy first and then vibrating the top 5 results for 2m 49s 600z (you can experiment with this duration, but generally with vibrating less is more. Our information fields respond very, very, very quickly to vibrational input.). Then, scan the Materia Medica (42 remedy frequency vibrations) and vibrate the results for 2m 49s 600z. According to Marcus you can do these scans once per week, unless you are resonating intuitively with doing them more often, or less, even once per day if you have a lot of stress in your life. Everyone is different.

When you are vibrating Healy Resonance blue app programs you can see on your smartphone’s/tablet’s screen the red and blue waves flowing depicting the quantum sensor modulating the frequency information (i.e. inflow/analysis and outflow/frequency info) constantly adjusting for your, or a client’s, highest frequency bioenergetic resonance needs.

When we’re vibrating frequency information into our information field we’re showing/reminding our cells what their optimal frequency looks/sounds like. Through an amazing natural process called entrainment our cells begin to harmonize with that optimal frequency, thus clearing/balancing/healing themselves. This same entrainment process happens when we transfer frequency information into our physical bodies via pink app microcurrents.

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