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—President of Positive Web Marketing LLC (15 years SEO Expert)
—Advanced Quantum Entanglement Programming Training of 5,000+ Healy Users
—40 years successful Network Marketing/Sharing leadership experience
—40 years research, practice, and teaching of Bioenergetic Wellness and Vitality modalities, Quantum Leap Superconsciousness, and Law of Attraction Manifestation
—Published author of 1 Network Marketing Motivation book and 3 Wealth Manifestation books available on
—Wife, and Team Partner, Dr. Misty Scevola is a Practitioner of Homeopathy, Applied Kinesiology, and holistic Frequency Healing (

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Ultimate Network Marketing Quotes by John Scevola

Chapters: (1) Network Marketing; (2) Motivation; (3) Goal-Setting; (4) Procrastination; (5) Initiative; (6) Perseverance; (7) Success; (8) Networking Online

“For more than a decade John Scevola has been the go to person for effective internet sales and marketing strategies. In his new books on success and sales affirmations he offers tools to prepare your mindset for prosperity. John understands that the subconscious mind is the seat of power behind any manifestation. Any conscious intention must address the subconscious to achieve and sustain success.”
—Charles Richards, Ph.D., NY TIMES Best Selling Author of The Psychology of Wealth

“What a comprehensive ‘go-to’ powerful resource that I’ve been looking to have in all my 20+ years in network marketing industry! Brilliant and bold quotes of top entrepreneurs and successful MLM leaders that I trust and respect and frequently use to coach and motivate business builders and top income producers here at Corporate LifePharm.”
—Martha Whitfield, LifePharm Senior Regional Sales Manager

“Thank you SO much for this book! I have been saving quotes that resonate with me for a long time! Kudos to you for putting so many together and I love how they are organized! This is just perfect!”
—Shari Bigalk, Network Marketer

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