Australia Ordering


Temporarily send money to your Register Wallet using PayPal

Part 1 – Check Stock Update First

Australian Stock Update – 31st May

Australian devices are expected to arrive in Sydney towards the end of June. Phillip will then need to clear all the back orders so for any new orders expect a delivery time of approximately 4-6 weeks from the date of purchase.

I highly recommend organising Express Post Delivery to Remote Areas and to WA.

If delivery is to a PO Box must pay for Express Post.

Express Post is $20 AUD to be paid directly to the Stockist – bank details are in the instructions below.

Part 2 – Taking Payment

1) Login to your Back Office:

2) From the HOME page copy your TOP UP LINK and send it to your customer with the following instructions (coloured text):

ADD $325 to the Amount Field
ADD your full name to the Remark Field
Then click on Confirm Submit which will take you to the credit card form to complete payment… ensure payment goes through, you may need to confirm this with your bank to approve the international payment.

Ignore the login screen once payment is completed as I will send you your login information once I’ve completed your order with the stockist.

Once you have completed the payment please email me with the following details:

Name, Phone, Email, Delivery Address and a Username (4-15 alphanumeric characters)

Part 3 – Place Order with Stockist

Once payment has been made and the money is in your Register Wallet and you have all of the customer’s information you will then need to place the order with the stockist as follows:

1) Login to your Back Office:

2) Click on NAVIGATE > Purchase PIN, (1st BLUE Link), Click Australia, Product-Iteracare and (PIN NOT YET Redeemed). Add Quantity 1, put Name in Remark Field, Enter YOUR Security Password

3) Click on NAVIGATE > REGISTER USING PIN, (2nd BLUE Link) Australia >(PIN NOT YET Redeemed)choose the package and Register the person in genealogy.

Enter New Members Username, Name, and Sponsor username and CLICK SHOW for Placement Username and enter New person in Genealogy Enter New Persons Email and YOUR Security Password

4) LOGIN TO THE NEW PERSON’S Back office using Their Username and Temporary Password of 123456, then Change login password again to 123456 and security password to 1111, Next, Click Navigate and click PIN/Promotion Redemption, (1st RED Link), checkmark Box and fill out delivery order information, Courier, Recipient

5) Then download a copy of the Delivery Order form to send to the customer for proof of purchase. Check PRODUCT ORDER REPORT (3rd RED LINK) and Confirm All Information is Correct. Click on the little document button beside the DO number, save to your computer or take a screenshot. Copy and paste the DO number for your reference as you will need this for the next step.

Part 3 – Pay Shipping to Stockist

If they need/want to pay for Express Post have the customer deposit $20 directly into the Australian Stockist Bank account and have them send you a copy of the transaction receipt once done so you can message it to the Australian Stockist via PM on WhatsApp +61 413 217 338…

Bank Account Details:
THZ Terahertz International Pty Ltd
National Australia Bank
BSB: 082356
Acc: 180369795

The message to Phillip should look like this as he wants all details in writing:

Attach a screenshot of the DO & Payment Receipt for shipping with the following information:

Hi Phillip – $20 has been paid for Express Post for DO20220615170

Customer Name
Customer Address
State, Postcode


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