Athlete’s Advantage
Quantum Vibration Bundle

“There is no organ or system of the body that is not affected by music and vibration.”
—Mitch Gaynor, MD

“If you understand that everything is energy, you can also understand that everything you think, believe, and feel consists of energy. Your attitude (or focus) vibrates, and those vibrations affect the quantum fields that underlie, constitute, and determine the outcome of physical matter. Hence: Your focus actually has the power to alter the appearance of your physical circumstances.”
—Bentinho Massaro

“I have discovered that the Healy Resonance device is a digital Law of Attraction machine! Your Healy Resonance can be programmed to automate the ordinarily tedious affirmation repetition necessary to reprogram and optimize your information field and subconscious. This can accelerate the manifestation of your new desired state(s).”
—John Scevola


Includes 600 Frequency Specific Vibrations (FSV)

Bundled all together in “one file” for ease-of-use and discount

Alpha, Gamma, Theta Waves (Confidence, Focus, Memory, and Psychomotor Performance booster) 50 FSV Support
Confidence 50 FSV Support
Discipline 50 FSV Support
Flexibility 50 FSV Support
Energy & Vitality 50 FSV Support
Ears/Hearing 50 FSV Support
Eyes/Vision 50 FSV Support
Focus 50 FSV Support
Learning 50 FSV Support
Muscles/Stamina/Recovery 50 FSV Support
Vitamins & Minerals 50 FSV Support
Winning/Success Attitude 50 FSV Support

Step-by-step Instruction eBook

Athlete’s Advantage Bundle @ $60.00 USD ($240.00 Value)



Purchase any two (2) QUANTUM VIBRATION BUNDLES (QVB) and get one (1) FREE QVB ($60.00 USD Value). Just Contact Us with your free bonus QVB choice(s). Enjoy!

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Frequency Specific Vibrations